Corvus Integration launches biometric sensor package for tablets

January 31, 2017 - 

Corvus Integration has released the Corvus Biometric Sleeve, a biometric sensor package for tablet computers.

The standard Sleeve unit includes a dual boot 8” tablet (Windows and Android); sensors for acquiring ISO compliant face, dual iris and fingerprint images; contact/contactless smart card reader; an MRZ reader; and external network and USB ports.

The solution’s fingerprint sensor is certified to FBI Appendix F, FAP 45. In addition, the Sleeve supports optional internal USB devices including GPS, 3G/4G, a 1D/2D barcode reader, among others.

In addition to on-board matching, the Sleeve is equipped with the Corvus “Raven” Windows based enrollment and matching solution.

The Raven application is able to function both offline and online, with online processing to an AFIS/ABIS that supports traditional methods as well as a real-time Cloud ABIS implementation.

The company offers Windows and Android SDKs for all sensors to support integration of custom applications.

“The Sleeve is a cost-effective device that opens the doors for mobile identity management using biometrics for all citizen registry, military, and law enforcement needs,” said Corvus CEO Jeff Kormanec.

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