EMKA offering Digitus Biometrics’ dual biometric access control solution

January 20, 2017 - 

EMKA is now offering Digitus Biometrics’ DualLock access control solution, which combines fingerprint biometrics and card technologies.

The physical access control solution enables dual-factor authentication at the cabinet door through the combination of fingerprint biometrics and RFID smartcard technology.

By storing the fingerprint template(s) on the RFID card, db DualLock eliminates the need to upload templates to the device.

As a result, the solution can be integrated with any legacy access control management (ACM) system.

The solution provides access security with devices to secure data equipment enclosures and pedestrian entrances.

The fingerprint reader and card reader is built directly into the data center cabinet’s handle, requiring dual-authentication to access the cabinet.

Last month, EMKA and Digitus Biometrics announced a new technology partnership using the BioConnect identity management platform to provide a new, fully-integrated biometric access control solution that synchronizes with major access control management (ACM) solutions.

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