Eurostar pilots biometric border control solution at French rail station

February 15, 2017 - 

In an effort to maximize the speed and efficiency of the immigration clearance process for passengers travelling from the UK into continental Europe and the Schengen zone, Eurostar selected Vision-Box to deploy a facial recognition-based automated border control solution at St Pancras International rail station, located at the French border.

The Vision-Box’s vb i-match ABC eGates solution has been deployed for use by all passengers from the EU, the EEA and Switzerland over 18 years old and holding a valid electronic passport. The automated gate solution is designed for passenger convenience, including cameras that automatically adjust to the passenger’s height and innovative patented document feeder technology that promotes a high reading success rate.

The solution integrates passenger identification (biometric verification, passport checks, passenger assessment and profiling) with real-time monitoring of operations. Using the integrated border management platform, border force officers have greater control of the entire end-to-end security infrastructure and quickly respond to any crucial situation or threat.

According to a company statement, this private/public initiative between Eurostar, the French border police and the French Ministry of Interior initiative marks the first time such self-service technological solutions have been deployed by a private transportation service provider for optimizing passenger flow at a border within an international rail hub. This initiative also represents the beginning of the next-generation of PARAFE, the French automated border crossing system that uses biometric authentication technology to verify passengers identity at the country’s borders. Vision-Box is planning additional deployments this year on other Eurostar sites in France and Belgium.

Vision-Box facial recognition software is currently being tested at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

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