Fingerprint Cards CEO purchases nearly 20,000 company shares

February 7, 2017 - 

Fingerprint Cards (FPC) CEO Christian Fredrikson has purchased 19,750 shares in the company, according to an update of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority’s (FSA) insider registry.

Fredrikson, who was named CEO by FPC’s board of directors in August 2016, bought the shares for SEK 1 million (US$112,895), the authority said.

The CEO bought 9,950 shares at SEK 50.25 per share and 9,800 shares at SEK 50.92 per share on February 6, according to the insider registry

The move comes a week after FPC reported its year-end financial results for 2016 as well as for the fourth quarter, which saw year-end revenues of SEK 6,638 million.

The company estimated that its revenues for 2017 will total SEK 7,500-9,500 million, while its operating margin for 2017 is expected to exceed 35 percent.

FPC announced last week it acquired iris recognition firm Delta ID for US$106 million (approximately 938 MSEK) in combined cash and debt, expanding its fingerprint business and technology with a line of iris biometric security solutions.

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