Imprimerie Nationale Group delivers multi-biometric ID documents platform for Republic of Djibouti

February 10, 2017 - 

In an effort to modernize and harmonize the ID document production and issuance process, the Imprimerie Nationale Group has deployed a multi-biometric ID documents platform for the Republic of Djibouti.

This fully scalable multi-ID documents solution allows for the issuance of: biometric passports for Djibouti citizens; resident permit cards for foreigners, and; visas.

The biometric ID documents are compliant with the international ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standards in order to facilitate the travel of Djiboutians throughout the world. They have a high level of security to prevent fraud, protect the identity of citizens and allow them to travel safely.

“The Imprimerie Nationale, thanks to its multi biometric ID documents platform, enables the Republic of Djibouti to benefit from highly secure ID documents compliant with the latest international standards,” explained Colonel Abdillahi Abdi Farah, General Director of the National Police of the Republic of Djibouti. “Identity protection and security of Djibouti citizens will thus be strengthened.”

The platform is supplemented by a solution for dematerialization and digital archiving of ID documents that will enable the provision of high-performance administrative services and allow Djiboutians from abroad to apply for a biometric passport in all diplomatic representations. Foreigners will also benefit from the harmonization of visa application and delivery system.

Didier Trutt, CEO of the Imprimerie Nationale Group added, “We are pleased to contribute, with the deployment of this multiple biometric ID documents platform, to the security of Djibouti citizens’ identity, the harmonization of ID documents and free movement of people in the region.”

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