MePIN adds liveness detection option to authentication platform

February 13, 2017 - 

MePIN has added human recognition and user recognition options to its MePIN Universal Authentication platform which can be used together with more traditional authentication methods.

The new MePIN biometric policies can be used to provide further protection during high risk transactions, extending the platform’s existing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based non-repudiation without compromising the user experience.

The human recognition option includes liveness detection to ensure that a payment or authentication app recognizes a human user during a transaction. The provider has the option to record a snapshot photo or video of the user which is seamlessly recognized during a PIN or fingerprint entry.

The user recognition option compares live visual footage to pre-provisioned face biometrics of the user during the online transaction to make sure that only the registered user is allowed to authorize a payment.

“Card not present fraud has not been solved with the current clumsy authentication solutions. MePIN provides non-repudiation for transactions while minimizing the friction of authentication,” said Markku Mehtälä, CEO of MePIN / Meontrust Inc. “Consumer privacy must not be forgotten either. Face recognition must be used wisely.”

The MePIN biometric solution includes an SDK which providers can either integrate into their existing mobile apps or use as a template to launch new payment security apps. The MePIN server provides an API for seamlessly integrating the solution into existing 3-D secure access control servers and other payment processing systems.

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