MorphoTrust, Confirm to provide ID solutions to commercial and consumer marketplace

February 21, 2017 - 

MorphoTrust USA and Confirm Inc. have expanded on their existing relationship to provide scalable identity solutions to the commercial and consumer marketplace at an accelerated pace.

The move comes a year after MorphoTrust and Confirm partnered to release enterprise-class mobile SDKs and APIs for developers requiring advanced user verification and mobile facial recognition.

Under this latest partnership, MorphoTrust has named Confirm as a go-to-market partner in the commercial ID and identity authentication sector whereby Confirm will integrate certain MorphoTrust biometric and document authentication solutions with its own cloud-based document and identity authentication technologies.

As a result, businesses will be able to authenticate physical IDs such as driver’s licenses, state identification cards and passports.

“There are a wide variety of applications for the commercial sector to use technology that requires authenticating government issued IDs,” said Bob Geiman, Confirm founder and CEO. “This type of authentication is critical for any type of high-trust transaction. With MorphoTrust’s best-in-class technology a key component of our engine, we bring a great deal of trusted value to the commercial market.”

MorphoTrust’s licensed suite of solutions offers a range of authenticating technologies including enhanced security feature (ESF), deep pattern matching (DPM) and 1:1 facial recognition.

Meanwhile, Confirm offers further ID verification technologies that are cost-effective, flexible and allow for multi-factor authentication, according to the company.

Confirm’s solution globally authenticates government-issued documents within seconds through advanced image capture, machine learning and computer vision techniques.

The integrated solution does not require manual review and was designed in mind to protect the privacy of personally identifiable information.

“We are excited by our newly expanded partnership with Confirm,” said Bob Eckel, MorphoTrust CEO and Confirm advisory board member. “Their strategic approach and deep understanding of the commercial market make Confirm well-positioned to enable new ID authentication use cases for the commercial marketplace that will resonate with consumers.”

These technologies can be integrated into customer-facing applications using Confirm’s combined SDKs and APIs.

Additional third-party APIs can also be added when greater authentication capabilities are required for higher-trust and higher-risk transactions.

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