Safran, FotoNation bring advanced iris recognition to mobile device users

February 2, 2017 - 

Safran Identity & Security and Tessera Holding Corporation, through its wholly owned subsidiary FotoNation Limited, have partnered to provide an advanced iris authentication solution for mobile devices in the Indian market.

The companies will provide a joint mobile iris recognition solution called BioNetra as the result of a cross-license of Safran Identity & Security’s and FotoNation’s relevant patented iris capture, recognition and control technologies.

BioNetra will accurately verify the mobile user’s identity under a wide range of lighting and environmental conditions.

The solution is linked to the Aadhaar program – India’s biometric identity system with more than 1.1 billion enrolled users – enabling consumers to conduct online operations with strong authentication for any secure online services in connection with banking, telecoms, government services or healthcare.

Meanwhile, the platform enables OEM device vendors to manufacture competitive smartphones while adhering to the Indian government’s biometric quality and security standards.

“Our combined expertise gives smart device makers a robust platform to meet new requirements as the authentication phase of the Aadhaar program is being rolled out,” said Sanjeev Shriya, senior vice president of India at Safran Identity & Security. “In addition, BioNetra provides a fantastic user experience, letting users access eServices and make transactions in the “blink of an eye” and therefore combining high security with user convenience.”

The platform’s reference design kit (RDK), which includes hardware specifications, software and design implementation specifications, has already been certified by the Indian government organization STQC and is now available.

Safran Identity & Security and FotoNation said they will also make the solution available to other markets beyond India in the coming months.

“FotoNation is proud to partner with Safran Identity & Security, the world leader in biometrics, to deliver advanced iris recognition solutions to mobile device users,” said Sumat Mehra, senior vice president and general manager of FotoNation. “Safran Identity & Security is playing a major role in implementing India’s UID biometric enrollment program and our joint solution will give mobile device manufacturers a powerful, field tested solution that is fully compatible with the program.”

Earlier this week, Safran Identity & Security and Indian mobile operator Aircel partnered to combine GSMA Mobile Connect, a password-free, trusted and secure log-in solution, with the biometric verification capability of Aadhaar.

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