Callsign integrates IDA technology with ForgeRock identity platform

March 27, 2017 - 

Callsign Inc. has integrated its Intelligence Driven Authentication (IDA) technology with the ForgeRock identity platform, which will enable the enterprises to deliver authentication capabilities to devices and individuals in new ways.

The combined authentication and identity management solution will benefit enterprises in banking, retail, media, utilities, Internet of Things (IoT) and healthcare.

The initial integration is available across ForgeRock Identity Platform’s access management and identity management modules, enabling strong, contextual authentication for individuals and devices.

“Our Intelligence Driven Authentication technology integrated with ForgeRock’s Identity Platform adds additional layers of security protection to information, assets or activities, such as banking transactions, in a way that optimizes user experience whilst creating even more peace of mind for businesses and customers,” Vas Ketavarapu, VP of business development at Callsign, said. “As a result of this integration our two organizations have created a very effective working relationship which we are already using to deliver solutions to our joint customers. We look forward to building further successes together.”

Callsign’s IDA solution delivers adaptive authentication that factors in real-time risk context, eliminating the need for passwords and security questions.

Using its Neural Engine, IDA instantly combines and analyzes hundreds of data points around any web or mobile session.

Callsign enables businesses to detect threats using deep learning insights taken from many layers of user recognition based on their location, behavior, device and biometrics.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform manages identities on new cloud, social and IoT services, enabling organizations to develop trusted relationships with individuals, connected things and devices.

“We’re always enthusiastic to work with innovators such as Callsign in order to provide our customers with access to the latest cutting-edge technologies, like intelligence driven authentication,” Lasse Andresen, CTO and cofounder at ForgeRock, said. “In today’s connected world, providing secure end user experiences is best achieved through intelligent user authentication and identity management. Together with Callsign, we’ll be able to help customers enhance trust in the digital relationships with their users.”

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