DERMALOG to demonstrate multi-biometric solutions at CeBIT

March 16, 2017 - 

German biometrics firm DERMALOG will demonstrate the many application uses and combinations of its line of biometric solutions at CeBIT 2017, to be held later this month in Hanover, Germany.

The company reports that it’s scientists are continuously developing biometric identification systems such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition and iris recognition, in an effort to combat identity fraud.

By optimizing the accuracy and speed of these algorithms, DERMALOG’s biometric solutions are able to identify individuals in large-scale databases.

“Our multimodal ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification System) combines several biometric methods,” said Günther Mull, DERMALOG founder and managing director.

The company’s ABIS is a fully customizable software package that enables users to match, store or process the captured characteristics or biometric templates.

DEMALOG’s product portfolio includes several fixed and mobile solutions that facilitate a range of applications including complete national ID card systems, ID cards for the management of health systems, and passports and border control systems, criminal investigation, refugee and voters registration, banking business as well as payment systems, among others.

“Specific requirements due to the security situation and the local conditions are our daily business,” said Mull. “DERMALOG as manufacturer, supplier and system integrator is able to implement solutions very quick, even into existing projects. Our turnkey solutions are reliable, intuitive to operate, and most of all, fast and secure.”

Earlier this month, DERMALOG announced that its Face Matching software achieved a 100 million matches per second on a single blade.

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