FIDO Alliance protocol enables businesses to integrate mobile apps with authentication APIs

March 23, 2017 - 

Nok Nok Labs revealed in a blog post that the FIDO Alliance has developed a solution that can help businesses integrate their mobile applications with various authentication APIs.

The protocol could particularly be useful if Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 features facial recognition technology instead of the current fingerprint sensor, as it would prevent businesses from having to “recode, redesign, retest and rework their existing systems” to adapt to new technology.

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8, which is set for release in September, is rumored to include either facial recognition software or an iris scanner.

The FIDO Alliance has published a protocol to eliminate one-off integrations and adopt a flexible framework for authentication.

The protocol has already been vetted and adopted by over 250 companies around the globe including Google, Microsoft, MasterCard and RSA.

Nok Nok Labs developed the first implementation of the protocol and offers its customers a method to instantiate an authentication system that can accept identities from fingerprint sensors, facial or voice recognition applications, secure PINs or third-party dongles, and tokens.

Using the solution, the business simply conducts a single integration of a server, adds a few lines of code to their mobile application, and selects the types of authenticators that they want to accept.

When new technology emerges and is adopted by their customers, the business can simply change a policy in their configuration to accept or reject the new technology.

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