FST adds deep learning algorithms to its biometrics-based visual identification solution

March 28, 2017 - 

FST Biometrics will introduce strategic elements of IMID Access 4.0, its biometric visual identification solution that incorporates deep learning to enhance flexibility, accuracy, fraud prevention and user experience at next week’s ISC West in Las Vegas.

IMID Access 4.0, which is commercially available this month, uses a fusion of biometrics-based technologies for identification-oriented applications, including access control, employee time-and-attendance and retail consumer experience.

“The customer relationships we’ve developed with our existing visual identification platform have helped us to take our technology to a new level,” said Arie Melamed, chief marketing officer of FST Biometrics. “We believe 4.0 will be the global standard for visual identification solutions. Adding deep learning algorithms to our product offerings will mean unparalleled accuracy, application flexibility and a seamless experience for customers and users alike.”

According to a company statement, IMID Access 4.0 can be implemented in low light environments, identifying users in-motion in as low as 50 lux of light; has built-in fraud detection capabilities that prevent attempts of using pictures, and; has resolved the industry challenge of face template aging after an average of six years as addressed by University of Michigan research.

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