Mastercard to acquire NuData Security to boost IoT payment security

March 29, 2017 - 

Mastercard said it will acquire NuData Security, which provides online and mobile fraud detection solutions using behavioral biometrics, according to a report by ZDNet.

The acquisition, whose terms were not disclosed, will see Mastercard integrate NuData’s behavioral biometrics technology into its fraud management and security products.

The understanding here is that secure payments will play an integral role in the Internet of things ecosystem and smart devices.

NuData’s flagship product line, NuDetect identifies authentic users over fraudulent ones based on their online, mobile and smartphone interactions by collecting their usage information and assigning a risk score to an individual or transaction.

The company says on its website that NuData’s solution integrates behavioral biometrics, behavioral analysis, device and access intelligence and a database of events across its customer base and business network.

NuData analyzes nearly 80 billion online interactions yearly on behalf of some of the largest global brands in the world.

Previously reported, NuData Security was featured in multiple analyst reports from Gartner Inc.

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