QiSQi develops mobile automated biometric ID system for law enforcement

March 24, 2017 - 

QiSQi Identification Technologies developed the MABIS (mobile automated biometric identification system) platform and app that can register and identify fingerprints, faces, and iris within less than a second.

The app operates on a standard Android mobile phone, enabling users to seamlessly and quickly deploy its capabilities without investing in any additional hardware.

Equipped with mobile and touchless biometrics software from Diamond Fortress, the app obtains high-quality fingerprints via the mobile camera.

The face recognition has 2D/3D enhancement features, which enables the system to deliver highly accurate information.

With the iris recognition capability, MABIS is the first mobile phone to feature all three major biometric identification algorithms.

MABIS is powered by a high-speed AFIS, Minex compliant, 2D/3D face recognition and iris recognition — both of which are military and police-grade algorithms.

The platform’s BioSSL biometric access control manages and centralizes the administration of fingerprint, face or voice verification.

In addition to law enforcement, the platform and app is suited for border control as well as citizen and immigration services to confirm the identities of people.

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