Assured Enterprises and Qafis Biometrics enter into strategic partnership

April 19, 2017 - 

Assured Enterprises, Inc. and Qafis Biometrics Technology have partnered to offer a full range of digital security products and services, including biometric identification solutions.

Under the agreement, Assured Enterprises is now offering Qafis’ digital identity authentication, a comprehensive suite of biometric products and proactive cybersecurity services and products.

The newly combined technologies strengthen Qafis’ biometric technologies with Assured’s code scanning and organizational assessment, providing the public and private sector organizations with an end-to-end, face-to-code enforcement of physical and cybersecurity practices.

“Through our partnership with Assured, Qafis is pleased to add true cutting-edge cybersecurity assessment services and scanning tools to further strengthen our highly-regarded BSSL biometric security solutions,” said Qafis CEO Edwin Nicolaas. “Assured’s product roadmap is very innovative and impressive. We searched internationally for the best security technologies to reinforce our product offering. The Assured Enterprises team is unique in its approach, providing proactive cybersecurity and highly effective tools and services.”

The Qafis line of biometric and identity solutions, as well as Assured’s TripleHelix and AssuredScanDKV products, are designed for major enterprises.

However, the products can each be scalable to meet the specific needs of smaller operations, the companies said.

“We have been looking for the right technologies to bring to our comprehensive cybersecurity platform,” Assured CEO Stephen M. Soble said. “Biometrics and reliable ID authentication are a key element. Qafis has impressed us with their technological prowess, understanding and management of client needs.”

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