NEC biometrics unit rebrands to address expanded solutions

April 4, 2017 - 

NEC Corporation of America (NEC) has rebranded its biometrics division to NEC Advanced Recognition Systems to reflect its expanding market offerings.

In a statement, the company says Advanced Recognition Systems’ main mission is “to serve citizens and the people who protect them.”

The division will continue to target the government security market with its solutions by determining valuable patterns for solving crimes, reinforcing national security, and highlighting trends and efficiencies for tech-savvy businesses.

Rather than simply collecting and reporting data, NEC’s technologies analyze intelligence to predict public safety threats, notify agencies to emerging global security concerns, detect potential risks in high-traffic venues, and provide key information to make critical business decisions and help achieve their diverse goals, the company said.

Advanced Recognition Systems aims to meet the demands of the new market by leveraging its local and global systems integration experience, in-house technology and key third-party partnerships.

“NEC’s Advanced Recognition Systems reflects the company’s commitment to this growing market opportunity and our selection of three keywords — people, patterns and predictions — crystallizes our new mission and aligns our new solutions and services,” said Raffie Beroukhim, senior vice president at NEC’s advanced recognition systems division. “We are committed to understanding our clients’ challenges first, and assist them with a full solution implementation in comparison to any specific biometric technology or tool.”

Last month, NEC Corporation of America integrated its facial biometrics technology into its UNIVERGE Communication platforms, which includes NeoFace Welcome and NeoFace Watch.

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