New businesses adopt Touché biometrics-based loyalty and payment platform

Touché announced that twelve new establishments in Singapore have implemented its biometrics-based loyalty and payment platform.

Manufactured in Singapore, Touché is a rectangular device comprised of a magnetic stripe reader, chip reader, and a 2.2-inch biometric fingerprint sensor that is certified and capable of multiple payment options.

After an initial enrollment, customers can choose to pay either by scanning two fingers or with their physical credit cards. The device works over a wi-fi or 3G connection. Customers who have registered at one location can automatically use Touché at any other location where it is in use.

For businesses, Touché’s platform offers increased operational efficiency as payments can be transacted in just a matter of seconds and all the information is digitized. Additionally, the platform adapts to existing technology and process environments, so integration is easy.

The platform can be used to create long-term relationships with their customers, including loyalty programs or unique offers for different customers. Businesses can also curate data about its customers’ interests and spending habits, and use it to design a custom experience for them.

According to a company statement, the platform scans any two of a customer’s fingers to extract 40 to 45 specific points of each fingerprint while antispoofing and live detection technology ensures that the fingerprints are real. The device does not store images of the fingerprints, rather, the information is hashed and encrypted on a cloud system to protect users’ privacy.

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