Suprema granted fingerprint patent in South Korea

April 12, 2017 - 

Suprema Inc. has received a patent in its home country of South Korea covering the outer structure of fingerprint recognition modules.

Published on April 10, patent application #10-2015-0062473 offers limited information about the technology.

“This patent adds a wedge structure to the fixed structure of the fingerprint recognition module structure, simplifying the mold structure of the terminal covers and strengthening the waterproof structure,” Suprema describes in the patent application.

In the application, Suprema states that the technology will be applied to the fixed structure of its fingerprint recognition module for future fingerprint recognition terminals.

Last month, Suprema released its new SFM6000 Series fingerprint embedded modules, which delivers up to 5,000 matches per second and a user capacity of up to 25,000 fingerprint templates.

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