Vocord presenting new facial recognition solutions at connect:ID

April 27, 2017 - 

Vocord Company will demonstrate a new face recognition solution for mobile biometric identification, built-in face recognition solutions and recognition as a cloud service at next week’s connect:ID.

Vocord on-the-go recognition product detects faces in the crowd, and matches them against an enrollment database in a fraction of a second. The database doesn’t store any personal data, just a biometric template and an ID of a person, preventing illegitimate access to personal data and illegal data collection.

The recognition for mobile devices allows developers to implement face-authentication into virtually any application via API, while the recognition service runs in a public or private cloud. The built-in recognition engine allows integrators to use face biometry ID in many kinds of applications, such as ATMs, access control, self-service terminals and others.

The Vocord recognition engine was recently top-ranked in the MegaFace independent international contest.

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