Biometrics Institute launches revamped annual industry survey

May 15, 2017 - 

The Biometrics Institute has launched its revamped annual industry survey, which is aimed at providing individuals within the industry an opportunity to give their feedback on priority themes and areas.

The survey asks members and key stakeholders to respond to 20 questions on the current status of the biometrics industry, expected developments in the next few years and attitudes towards key issues.

The results help the organization, its stakeholders and its committees, to focus on the most important issues, regions and industries that require attention and input.

The Biometrics Institute is currently distributing the survey to all members and other key stakeholders.

Members of the Biometrics Institute will receive a free copy of the full report through the organization’s website, while non-members can request an executive summary.

“This year we delve deeper into the attitudes towards key topic areas such as the roll out of biometrics into the developing world, into financial services in addition to looking at expected trends and developments,” the Biometrics Institute CEO Isabelle Moeller, said.

Earlier this year, Moeller penned an editorial that explores both the benefits and challenges of deploying biometric technologies at national borders.

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