Fingerprint Cards collaborates with two new module houses, announces new integration

May 4, 2017 - 

Fingerprint Cards announced partnerships with two new Chinese module houses, Fingerchip and A-Kerr (SPEED).

“The quality standards and requirements are very high among the module houses,” commented Ted Hansson, senior vice president, Business Line Mobile, Fingerprint Cards. “This collaboration is a testimonial of Fingerprints’ industry-leading technology and how strong our trademark is in China.”

Fingerprint Cards expects these partnerships to further strengthen its position in Asia.

The company now collaborates with more than ten module houses, the majority of which are based in Greater China.

In other company news, OPPO launched its F3 mobile device today featuring the FPC1245 fingerprint sensor and touch features FPC MoveTouch, FPC EvoTouch, FPC TouchNroll, FPC OneTouch and FPC 360Touch.

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