Secured Signing adds video confirmation capabilities to eSignatures

May 30, 2017 - 

Secured Signing has expanded its identity confirmation capabilities with what it calls the world’s first use of video confirmation as part of the online signing process to deliver signed documents for proof of agreement.

Available to all customers at no extra cost, Secured Signing is now offering video confirmation capabilities to improve the independent signature verification process of PKI user based digital signatures.

“Our primary goal for Secured Signing is to make it quick and simple for the document signer while delivering the most secure, authentic and reliable outcome for the document owner,” said Mike Eyal, founder and managing director of Secured Signing. “Video confirmation does exactly that, taking just a few seconds for the signer while giving the document owner a signed document that cannot be reasonably challenged.”

The company says that a moving image allows for a stronger authentication method than other biometric technologies like fingerprint and image based methods.

By providing a specific video confirmation process each time, Secured Signing analyzes the video in real time for a match for authentication.

As a result, fraudulent users cannot simply hold up a static image to the camera in order to dupe the video confirmation analysis into confirming a match.

Video confirmation enhances the already sophisticated tamper proofing and signer verification mechanism inherent in Secured Signing’s use of PKI user based digital signatures.

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