Biowatch introducing wearable prototype at VivaTechnology

June 14, 2017 - 

Swiss startup Biowatch SA has developed and tested the world’s first fully functioning prototype for a wearable device secured by wrist vein patterns that can be used for payments, access control, ticketing, ID management, environment personalization, and more.

The company said the new prototype is the “result of a disruptive technology whose time has come coupled with our continued focus on the miniaturization of technology for convenience, and the maximization of biometric performance.”

“At Biowatch we are convinced that such a wearable is a luxury experience in itself,” Biowatch said in a statement. “Especially coupled with the excellence in design and manufacturing from a luxury group we expect that the resulting embedded technology will beguile us all.”

Biowatch said that an independent audit by Idiap Research Institute revealed that the wearable device has a biometric FAR performance that is higher than 1 in 100,000.

The device is based on internal wrist structures that are not left on every item touched or recorded in every image captured.

Biowatch will be exhibiting the prototype at VivaTechnology 2017, to be held June 15-17 in Paris.

The company will be running the demo from its booth at LVMH space where it is competing against 31 other startups for the LVMH innovation award.

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