Computer-Rx implements Crossmatch biometric ID technology

June 28, 2017 - 

Crossmatch announced that pharmacy management solutions firm Computer-Rx has implemented its biometric identity management technology.

Prior to selecting Crossmatch, Computer-Rx considered many competing technologies to replace usernames and passwords, including badge ID-scanning technologies.

However, Computer-Rx chose Crossmatch fingerprint biometrics and its customizable DigitalPersona U.are.U SDK software for its attractive value proposition that includes a high level of security, improved operational efficiencies and convenient access to Computer-Rx pharmacy management solutions.

“We wanted to provide our users with a convenient and secure alternative for the username and password access to our pharmacy solution,” said Billy Miller, VP of software development at Computer-Rx. “After looking at other access security systems, we decided that Crossmatch fingerprint biometrics offered our customers the best combination of security and usability—and the reception from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Crossmatch says its biometric solutions provide an effective defense against theft by holding specific employees accountable along the entire pharmacy dispensation trail.

In addition, the adoption of Crossmatch’s solutions ensure adequate inventory is continuously available to patients in greatest need.

In a recent report, Biometrics Research Group, Inc. estimated that the entire global marketplace for biometric solutions in the healthcare market will reach approximately US$5 billion by 2020.

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