Sensory integrates AI into TrulyNatural speech recognition solutions

June 7, 2017 - 

Sensory has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) technology into its TrulyNatural line of embedded natural language speech recognition engines.

TrulyNatural is now embedded with a range of neural net deep learning methods such as wake word technology for Alexa and other cloud engines, natural language voice interfaces, biometrics, and computer vision.

The company’s AI technology lineup includes TrulyHandsfree, wake words and small vocabulary low power solutions; TrulySecure, biometric authentication with face and/or voice; and TrulyNatural, an embedded natural language large vocabulary speech recognizer.

Sensory has augmented TrulyNatural to include a chatbot engine that can be used for dialog management and scripting, as well as a new talking avatar technology to enable accurate avatar movements including lip-synchronization.

As a result, TrulyNatural can now enable consumer products and applications to have a voice driven interface that offers a more conversational style and take further take advantage of embedded text-to-speech.

Using a patented non-linear morphing technology, Sensory’s avatar interface allows facial and mouth movements between Visemes (visual representations of phonemes) to look natural and realistic, despite being completely automated.

“Sensory is always working towards the future of consumer interfaces by utilizing AI techniques that can reside on device and run on local processors for speed, portability, and flexibility,” said said Todd Mozer, founder and CEO of Sensory. “We now have the ability to put together a plethora of technologies including text-to-speech, natural language understanding, chatbot, and avatars to create a totally new kind of visual voice interface on consumer products and apps.”

Sensory posted a video in which it demonstrates a unique voice-activated chatbot platform with natural language recognition capabilities combined with avatar-based lip sync technology to create an on-device AI chatbot that can be used in apps, drive-thru food chains and retail kiosks.

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