Tascent wins award for its InSight One iris and face recognition system

June 22, 2017 - 

Tascent has won the 2017 Good Design Australia award for its InSight One iris and face recognition system.

A jury of more than 35 Australian and international design experts selected Tascent InSight One to win a Good Design Award in the category of Product Design, Commercial and Industrial.

According to a company statement, InSight One is an iris and face recognition system designed for enrollment, identification and authentication of people in high-throughput environments. The product features a combination of human-centric design and usability, compact size and biometric performance. The design of InSight One complements the forward-thinking architecture of modern airports and workplace environments.

“We’re thrilled that the jury has recognized the impact that beautiful design can have on a product’s overall functionality,” commented Joey Pritikin, VP of sales and marketing. “The InSight One was designed with users at its heart – with our aim being to provide a sense of ease when using a biometric system, an experience that for many may be a first. Its design and appearance make for a more efficient process and greater security. The Good Design Awards hold a historic place in marking good design, and we couldn’t be happier to receive this globally recognized award.”

Australia’s Good Design Awards date back to the 1950s and have a record of unearthing globally recognized talent and products.

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