VoiceVault releases new version of voice biometric engine

June 6, 2017 - 

VoiceVault has released VoiceVault Fusion 9, the latest version of the company’s core, proprietary voice biometric engine.

VoiceVault Fusion 9 improves on the company’s previous voice authentication solution by offering a more flexible, cost efficient and secure approach to identity verification in the current climate of fraud and cyber security risks.

The new version of the voice biometric engine provides organizations with additional choices for reinforcing cyber defenses and preventing fraudulent activities.

The new options include an updated and extensive user interface portal which offers detailed transaction reporting with location services; audio playback and viewing; and full administrative control to add users, configurations, and language packs.

There are also new biometric modes to further protect against the threat of synthetic speech attacks, Cryptocode and CRDate. Both modes expand upon VoiceVault’s current offering of digits or passphrases and liveness and replay attack detection.

The solution also offers flexible deployment options including hybrid, on-device and in the cloud, model within VoiceVault’s mobile application solution, ViGo.

Finally, VoiceVault Fusion 9 offers significant organizational cost reductions in the deployment and maintenance of voice biometric integrations by using Content Addressable Storage (CAS).

The storage technology enables organizations to take full control over the binary data storage (voice model and audio data) in database, filesystem, Amazon S3 and others, and read-only archival.

In addition, organizations are provided with controls for extensive configuration to duplicate, encrypt, and migrate data between different storage.

“As news feeds today are constantly filled with reports of data breaches, malicious cyber-attacks, biometric spoofing attempts, and synthetic speech attacks, VoiceVault is excited to launch VoiceVault Fusion 9 raising the bar against these anticipated threats,” said Julia Webb, vice president of sales and marketing at VoiceVault, “and with the ability to seamlessly integrate with other authentication factors, VoiceVault Fusion 9 continues to set the standard for voice biometrics in demanding consumer applications.”

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