Warwick Warp announces new deployment of its fingerprint matching technology

June 29, 2017 - 

Forensic Comparison Software Company has successfully deployed the Warwick Warp AFIS Core Matching Engine.

Warwick Warp fingerprint matching technology is available as an SDK and enables integrators and developers to incorporate highly accurate fingerprint matching into their solutions.

“By partnering with Warwick Warp we have been able to deliver innovative solutions to our clients,” explained Founding Director of Forensic Comparison Software Company, John Moloney. “Powered by Warwick Warp’s innovative Core Matching Engine, we have recently implemented the first National AFIS in The Republic of Djibouti. Preliminary results were excellent with matches recorded within 5 seconds on a database of 20,000 records.”

“We are delighted that our technology has enabled the development of Forensic Comparison Software and we look forward to continuing our collaborative working relationship in the future,” added Warwick Warp CEO Li Wang.

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