Bristol Robotics Lab developing facial recognition system to replace train tickets

July 27, 2017 - 

A facial recognition system developed by Bristol Robotics Lab designed to replace the need for tickets on trains is being tested in the UK, according to a report by BBC News.

An early version of the technology leverages two near-infrared lights flashing at high speeds to enable a single camera to determine texture, shape and orientation of each pixel it captures.

The facial recognition technology is being partially funded by the UK government and the private sector.

Bristol is working with Cubic, the transportation systems designer responsible for London’s Oyster transit card.

Researchers at Bristol Robotics Lab said they believe the system will successfully identify tube passengers while they are still in motion, and could replace ticket gates all together.

The technology, which boasts a 95 percent accuracy, is able to recognize an individual even when he or she is wearing glasses.

Additionally, the system’s 3D scanning capabilities ensure that it won’t be fooled by a picture of a passenger.

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