SecuredTouch’s behavioral biometric solution prevents mobile fraud

July 26, 2017 - 

SecuredTouch has released HUMANOBOT, a behavioral biometrics-based solution that seamlessly detects non-human behavior generated by bots, malware, and automated scripts as well as prevents fraud-focused emulators within mobile applications.

The company’s behavioral biometrics technology was developed to analyze human interaction with their mobile devices. Leveraging this technology, HUMANOBOT solution is designed to continuously discover non-human device activity and automatically detect fraud.

The system recognizes non-human behavior including scripted attacks, malware, and bots using advanced machine learning, correlating data from different sensors to distinguish between human and non-human as well as between real devices and emulators.

HUMANOBOT detects and sends alerts regarding attacks from emulators and virtual machines by recognizing suspicious mobile traffic.

In the past, a solution would address each type of threat individually within the application or within the business’ security infrastructure.

SecuredTouch technology provides a seamless experience, simultaneously improving the customer experience by eliminating the need for repeatedly entering passwords, security questions, and captchas, while reducing development time, infrastructure resource requirements, and transaction abandonment.

The solution is implemented at full capacity, immediately upon activation, all without requiring a baseline profile.

“Emulators and bots are being used to defraud companies of millions of dollars,” said Yair Finzi, SecuredTouch CEO. “Stopping them delivers immediate ROI because of its direct impact on fraud prevention without adding friction for legitimate users.”

SecuredTouch’s solution delivers push\pull notifications during suspicious occurrences, such as bot attacks or when a session’s risk hits a certain threshold, and prevents any attempted breaches.

Even if the malicious individual appears to be a legitimate user, SecuredTouch continuous monitoring quickly detects compromised user credentials to reinforce protection.

Earlier this year, IBM’s MobileFirst Foundation began offering SecuredTouch’s behavioral biometric technology as a primary authentication option.

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