Qualcomm, Xiaomi developing 3D facial recognition for new smartphones

August 16, 2017 - 

Following Apple’s lead, Qualcomm and Xiaomi are also developing their own facial recognition technology for their upcoming flagship smartphones, according to a report by Gizmochina.

Xiaomi’s facial technology technology is expected to be introduced in the fourth quarter, just in time for it to be integrated into its expected flagship Mi Mix 2.

Apple’s recently published patents revealed that the company’s facial recognition technology will support 3D sensors and can achieve facial recognition in just milliseconds.

The recent trend of using facial recognition as an authentication method instead of fingerprint recognition is predicted to increase due to the increasing use of full-screen display technology on most mobile devices.

Full-screen display phones are a growing trend which would comprise of half of the entire smartphone market in the future.

Although it is unclear how secure facial recognition technology is compared to fingerprint recognition, it should be noted that facial recognition technology focuses on the 3D depth of field function.

Therefore, a 2D photo taken in the past cannot be used to trick the system unlike existing fingerprint technology, which is already a significant improvement on security.

Earlier this week, Qualcomm revealed that its upcoming update to its image signal processor (ISP) will better support features like face recognition and mixed reality.

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