BluStor biometric ID smartcard prevents identity theft and protects data

September 26, 2017 - 

BluStor has released the new Identity biometric smartcard, which is designed to prevent identity theft before it happens to users or their business.

“While other identity theft companies focus on monitoring and alerting, BluStor has taken a hardline focus on preventing hackers from ever getting in your front-door,” said Finis Conner, founder and CEO of BluStor.

Identity is a wireless credit-card-sized computer that enables users to take control of their passwords and other personal information by storing that data directly on a card that you carry that is free from any cloud or online network.

The smart card improves security by using biometrics, such as a fingerprint or palm print, to unlock access to the information stored on the card.

Identity also provides users with $25,000 of annual Family Cyber Security Insurance, effective January 2018, delivering a comprehensive solution that helps prevent identity theft while protecting users and their family from the unexpected.

Equipped with a 32-bit microprocessor and a rechargeable battery, the Identity platform supports the ability to grow through additional applications and integration with many other systems.

Compatible with most Bluetooth devices and with 2GB of expandable flash storage, users can securely store and manage your passwords and other critical data such as credit card numbers, insurance, health, and emergency contact information without having to connect over Wi-Fi or cellular data connections.

Earlier this year, BluStor unveiled its Password Vault, a smart card that acts as a local-storage password manager secured by multi-factor biometrics.

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