BrainChip unveils new PCIe accelerator card

September 18, 2017 - 

BrainChip has unveiled a new PCIe accelerator card that serves as a key accessory for neuromorphic computing, which emulates the workings of the human brain, according to a report by TechSource.

Neuromorphic hardware implements neural networks designed to process large amounts of data over a short duration.

BrainChip’s new neuromorphic accelerator card will be used to help the hardware complete such tasks as object and facial recognition.

The eight-lane, PCIe accelerator card is designed to be used with BrainChip Studio software suite.

When combined with the software, the card improves the speed and accuracy by six times in object recognition.

The card is designed to accommodate highly efficient, high performance tasks. For example, the card is capable of processing up to 16 video streams simultaneously, in low power mode.

The product is ideal for applications in high security surveillance and tracking, where the speed of processing and accuracy of imaging can be greatly improved without needing a surge in power input requirements.

The card can also perform well in low light or high noise conditions, and consumes total power of 15W.

BrainChip is working to maintain the longevity of the product, particularly seeing how such surveillance systems remain always on and connected.

Previously reported, BrainChip recently appointed Thomas Stengel as Vice President of Americas Business Development.

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