Crossmatch, Oxford Computer Group to offer biometric identity solutions to Microsoft customers

September 26, 2017 - 

Crossmatch and Oxford Computer Group have partnered to offer biometric identity solutions to Microsoft customers.

Under the agreement terms, Oxford Computer Group will become an authorized reseller offering Crossmatch’s DigitalPersona Composite Authentication software and support, as well as single finger readers to Microsoft customers.

The partnership is expected to be a significant component of the defense against cybersecurity threats, particularly in light of the rise in global breaches.

“The ‘breach-a-week’ global business culture is in desperate need of solutions that address both security and ease of use,” said Matthew Neuman, Crossmatch vice president of enterprise security. “Oxford Computer Group’s experience delivering complex security solutions within Microsoft environments is unparalleled. Now with the inclusion of Crossmatch’s DigitalPersona Composite Authentication, customers will benefit from a solution that protects against the number one reason for security breaches – password compromise – using intelligent contextual and behavioral authentication to better protect digital assets.”

Crossmatch’s Composite Authentication solution exceeds the capabilities of 2FA and MFA offerings by delivering risk-based authentication policies that can better adapt to dynamic threat environments and increasingly complex IT environments whether on-premises, in the cloud or some combination of the two.

“[Crossmatch’s] DigitalPersona Composite Authentication solution integrates seamlessly with Active Directory and Microsoft’s cloud services to provide next-level security controls to our customers,” said Andy Shell, Oxford Computer Group’s vice president of the west region. “Organizations facing complex security challenges, such as those in the healthcare, financial services and government industries, will be able to go beyond traditional multi-factor authentication methods with Crossmatch’s excellent solutions to better secure their identities and data.”

Earlier this month, a multinational team comprised of Crossmatch, French firm ISORG and the UK-based FlexEnable was selected as a finalist in the Nail-to-Nail Fingerprint Challenge sponsored by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA).

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