NEXT Biometrics ships sensor number 3 million this week

October 19, 2017 - 

NEXT Biometrics Group has shipped sensor number 3 million this week.

According to a company statement, this demonstrates NEXT’s proven ability to consistently mass produce fingerprint sensors with industry normal yield figures.

“Passing 3 million NEXT fingerprint sensors shipped, we have now over several quarters consistently demonstrated NEXT’s ability to mass produce high quality, mass market robust sensors at what has become very high yield rates,” explained NEXT CEO Ritu Favre. “The NEXT organization is continuing to focus on preparations of products and scaling for leadership within our key target Smart Card and Government ID markets.”

Earlier this month, WAG Magazine, a New York monthly lifestyle magazine, featured NEXT CEO Ritu Favre, detailing how she leads NEXT and also encourages girls to study and young women to pursue careers in the opportunity-rich traditionally male-dominated science, technology, engineering and math, called STEM.

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