New smartphone features FPC iris recognition and fingerprint sensor technology

November 1, 2017 - 

Fingerprint Cards‘ ActiveIRIS and FPC1145 touch sensor are featured in a new smartphone from a leading Japanese manufacturer marking the Swedish biometrics company’s first commercial launch with multi modalities.

ActiveIRIS combines advanced iris recognition software and simple, inexpensive secure camera reference hardware to provide iris recognition on a mobile device. The system is also certified for use with Aadhaar, India’s national biometric identity system. ActiveIRIS was developed by Delta ID, a company Fingerprint Cards acquired in June.

The FPC1145 touch sensor delivers 3D pixel sensing technology that reads nearly any finger, dry or wet and its elongated shape enables flexible design integrations.

“I’m excited to see both our industry-leading technologies featured in this mobile,” remarked Ted Hansson, SVP Business Line Mobile at Fingerprints. “This launch is proof of our expansion of both the customer base and the product portfolio with a strong software-based offering.”

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