AEON Bank trials Mofiria-developed biometric authentication system

December 5, 2017 - 

Japan’s AEON Bank is trialing a biometrics authentication system developed by Mofiria Corporation at its ATMs and teller windows, allowing clients to make transactions without a bank card or PIN.

The Mofiria solution combines both finger vein and fingerprint authentication technologies. Mofiria is providing the bank with the hybrid biometrics device and related software library for finger vein authentication. According to the company, this is the first trial in Japan to use biometrics only to enable secure banking transactions.

AEON Bank first held a proof-of-concept for bank transactions using fingerprint authentication last year. For this trial they introduced the two-factor authentication system to enhance security and usability at ATMs and teller windows.

AEON Bank is running the proof-of-concept trial at five branches and plans to introduce the solution to all branches by next October.

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