Corporate world following consumer market in biometric adoption

December 18, 2017 - 

Biometric integrations in consumer electronics will drive the global biometrics market to nearly double in size on 14 percent CAGR, according to research from TechSci. Government projects such as e-passports will also contribute to the strong growth, while corporate security adoption of biometrics has been slower, IFSEC Global reports.

The biometrics market for corporate security has huge potential, according to IFSEC Global, with technologies such as wearables with integrated biometric APIs largely offered as consumer products so far. There was an expectation in the corporate market that biometrics represented a “silver bullet” solution to identity verification challenges.

“The corporate security world, though, has been slower to take up biometrics, with a few exceptions, such as airports,” writes Reliance High Tech Managing Director Terry Sallas. “Many organisations have been waiting for solid progress and clear positioning from providers on biometric technologies, particularly in the area of facial recognition.”

Corporate security’s view of biometrics has now largely shifted to consider the technology as a component in multiple verification systems, the article says. As APIs have expanded the potential for biometrics use of mobile devices and smartcards, biometric software innovation is enabling corporate customers to leverage existing hardware, like cameras and microphones.

A report released by Bitglass in September suggested facial recognition is not adequate for enterprise security, and much less effective than fingerprint recognition.

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