TypingDNA launches authentication solution based on short text samples

December 12, 2017 - 

TypingDNA has developed technology capable of identifying individuals by how they type short, repetitive text samples, enabling key-stroke biometrics to be added as a secondary form of authentication for account logins and passwords, the company has announced.

The new TypingDNA product can authenticate users the second time they enter a certain text string, according to the announcement, and works on both desktop and mobile devices.

The company’s authentication solutions are compliant with authentication regulations, and the strength of typing biometrics makes them suitable for financial services, such as P2P payments made via chat bots or messaging apps, the company says. Typing biometrics can also be used to improve the password recovery process, which TypingDNA says is often the weakest part of website security, by authenticating a short typing sample provided by the user, such as their email account, rather than using security questions.

The new technology is integrated through TypingDNA’s existing API to provide passive collection of typing samples, with no additional equipment, plugins, or permissions necessary.

TypingDNA CMO Cristian Tamas spoke to Biometric Update last year about the potential for “keystroke dynamics” to help secure web apps.

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