UK’s Home Office Biometrics to host supplier event for procurement project

December 5, 2017 - 

The UK’s Home Office will host an event to share its Home Office Biometrics (HOB) Strategic Central and Bureau Platform (SCBP) procurement strategy with potential suppliers on Tuesday, December 12, to provide insight into its requirements and approach, and judge industry interest.

The HOB program currently uses fingerprint, face and DNA verification for crime scene investigation, visa applications, passport applications, border control and counter-terrorism. The Home Office intends to run separate procurement processes for the SCBP’s “matcher/mobile/bureau application & tools” for its IABS (immigration and borders) and IDENT1 (law enforcement) systems.

At the event, the Home Office will provide suppliers with the high-level requirements for SCBP, HOB Programme’s technical approach for its delivery, and describe the commercial approach and procurement timeline. It will also solicit feedback on the approach and how it can be refined, and attempt to ensure a fair and competitive process.

Applications to attend the invitation-only event are due on Wednesday, December 6, and the contract is expected to be awarded in late 2018.

As previously reported, the Home Office plans to invest £5 million in facial recognition software for law enforcement and other public sector organizations, and also issued a £91 million tender for biometrics and digitization of materials for UK Visas and Immigration in August.

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