Visma taps Inside Secure for mobile authentication

December 5, 2017 - 

Inside Secure’s mobile strong authentication and payment authorization service has been selected by Finnish software as a service (SaaS) provider Visma Solutions for deployment with its Netvisor ID and other services.

Netvisor ID is a mobile application which enables digital signatures for transactions by acting as a public key certificate, with Inside Secure providing secure and convenient authentication for logins and transactions. It also enables PSD2 compliance, according to the announcement.

“Netvisor simplifies and secures online logins allowing users to authenticate access with a PIN or fingerprint swipe in the mobile application,” said Janne Lyytikäinen, product director of Visma Solutions. “Inside Secure’s solution helps Visma provide better ways to strongly authenticate their international users, where they don’t have Finnish bank accounts that are used to authenticate those customers. Early feedback from users is quite positive, especially appreciating the fingerprint authentication option.”

Inside Secure Strong Authentication, formerly known as MePIN, is offered as both a white-label authentication platform for large service providers, and a turn-key authentication service for small and medium-sized services.

“Users expect a great experience with all of their mobile applications,” said Markku Mehtälä, vice president of authentication at Inside Secure. “Our Strong Authentication solutions are especially good at combining strong security and usability, and support the strategy of Inside Secure to become a major player in the security as a service market.”

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