ZKAccess multifactor biometrics authentication solution safeguards MSU research lab

December 18, 2017 - 

Michigan State University (MSU) has selected the ZKAccess ProBio-ID multibiometric reader to control door access to the research lab. According to a Security Sales & Integration report, the reader features a fingerprint sensor and a facial recognition camera for hands-free door access.

MSU is a public research institution with an enrollment that exceeds 50,000 students and ranks among the top 100 higher education research facilities in the world. MSU’s Computer Science and Engineering Department features lab facilities that include expensive high-speed servers, more than 100 workstations and countless proprietary research documents.

The ProBio-ID unit also offers standard functions such as access levels/groups/holidays, DST/bell schedule, duress mode (password), anti-passback, record query, custom wallpaper and screen saver.

“ProBio-ID has the unique ability to read faces, fingerprints, RFID cards, PIN codes or any combination of these four credentials,” notes Larry Reed, CEO, ZKAccess. “It also includes ZKAccess’ next-generation SilkID fingerprint sensor which provides superior accuracy and speed matching.”

ZKAccess launched the ProBio-ID solution in July.

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