Cisive introduces ID verification and facial recognition tool for HR screening

January 17, 2018 - 

Compliance and risk management solution provider Cisive has announced the launch of new real-time identity authentication tool for Human Resources, called IDVerity.

IDVerity is designed to combat identity fraud and insider threats by enabling employers to institute a “Know Your Candidate” program, in which the authenticity of government issued ID is validated, and compared to a selfie the candidate takes with his or her mobile device. It combines AI with biometric facial recognition, liveness detection, and live verification experts in a complete solution for identity verification, according to the announcement. The company says it follows NIST standards for identity verification, and is the same technology used by law enforcement, border control, and the TSA.

“Employers need to guard against insider threats, especially those perpetrated by persons using a fraudulent identity,” says James Owens, Cisive’s CEO and president. “The IDVerity solution will allow our clients to verify a candidate’s identity and reduce their risk exposure in a dramatic new way. We are excited to introduce this ground-breaking technology that will undoubtedly transform the candidate onboarding process.”

Cisive says the solution is easily integrated with existing onboarding systems to accelerate the onboarding process, mitigate the risk of fraud and impersonation, deter fraudulent applications, and meet due diligence and KYC and anti-money laundering (AML) requirements. It supports over 300 different ID documents issued by over 200 ISO-listed countries and territories.

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