HID Approve now supports Apple’s Face ID

January 19, 2018 - 

HID Global has announced that its HID Approve two-factor mobile authentication and verification platform now supports Apple’s Face ID.

Customers of HID Global can implement Face ID as a turnkey application or through direct integration into corporate apps with the HID Approve SDK using the company’s mobile authentication platform. This allows them to take advantage of HID Global’s threat detection and other risk-base intelligence, combined with the facial recognition technology. The facial recognition feature of the iPhone X can be used to secure mobile banking transactions, and remote access to employee data and applications.

“With the growing demand for an optimized user experience, facial recognition is a great addition for banks and enterprises that also want a high level of security,” said Martin Ladstaetter, Vice President of Product Management, IAM Solutions, with HID Global. “HID Global now delivers an easy way for organizations to take advantage of Apple’s Face ID capability with our HID Approve mobile authentication solution.”

As previously reported, HID Approve was launched to provide next generation multi-factor authentication in October.

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