Nuance adds enhanced voice biometrics to Dragon Drive automotive platform

January 3, 2018 - 

Nuance Communications has announced the addition of several new capabilities to its Dragon Drive automotive system, including enhanced audio processing technology for improved voice biometrics.

Dragon Drive’s new “Just Talk” feature allows vehicle occupants to engage with the “automotive assistant” without pressing a button or speaking a specific word to activate it, while the enhanced multi-passenger allows multiple passengers to interact with the automotive assistant at the same time.

It also provides gaze detection and conversational AI to allow drivers to interact with the automotive assistant about places and objects outside the vehicle, such as asking how much a parking lot costs or for details about a nearby restaurant. Other new Dragon Drive features include enhanced interaction with other digital assistants, services, and IoT devices, and AI integration with other car sensors, which allows it to tailor information to context such as whether it is raining.

“The car is quickly rising to become the leading AI platform, especially with the future of connected and autonomous vehicles upon us,” said Arnd Weil, senior vice president, automotive, Nuance Mobile. “Utilizing a combination of conversational AI with in-car sensors and data, we’re able to create greater awareness, understanding, and ultimately intelligence for the automotive assistant, creating a truly holistic and seamless user experience for drivers.”

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