Shuttle introduces multi-modal biometric devices for physical access control

January 17, 2018 - 

Shuttle Computer Group, Inc. has introduced its BR06 Series of intelligent, all-in-one biometric scanning devices, which feature faster recognition speeds, a larger user database capacity, and lower power consumption.

The BR06, BR06V2, and BR06S have different OS, CPU, and internet access options, and can also be used for physical access control.

The BR06 Series is designed for use by small and medium-sized businesses, banks, colleges and universities, industrial settings, or VIP access. The devices can be customized for facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, or reading NFC or RFID cards, alone or in any combination. The BR06S is a plug-and-play stand-alone unit, while the BR06 and BR06V2 connect to a server for identity verification.

“Companies that need security devices for employee admission, time stamping and verification of employee location in case of an emergency need fast, accurate, reliable, customizable hardware options,” said Robert Garcia, channel manager, Shuttle Computer Group, Inc. “Shuttle’s BR06 family of all-in-one devices makes it easier for integrators to develop a customized solution for any security installation.”

The devices feature a seven-inch LCD touch-screen, an IR camera and a color camera for low-light accuracy, a fingerprint scanner, a speaker for audible confirmation, and an RFID reader. The devices can be used to open or unlock various kinds of doors or gates, and can be remotely monitored by security personnel.

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