Vienna International Airport deploys secunet eGates for automated border control

January 2, 2018 - 

Vienna International Airport has begun using the eGates automated border control system from secunet to provide convenient and efficient border control.

The process checks passengers autonomously passing through the 25 installed eGates in seconds, and will shorten transfer times, arrivals, and departures, according to the announcement. Passengers place their electronic passport on the ID reader, which performs an optical and electronic check of security features, and allows them through the gate.

The eGates integrate sophisticated document verification, biometric procedures, and smart sensors to ensure high levels of security. They are also based on open standards, and therefore able to flexibly accommodate future changes.

secunet is providing training, support, and maintenance for 16 terminals for departures and nine for arrivals, along with software for monitoring, evaluation, and administration, and a centralized server system. The project is the latest in a series of long-term collaborations between the company and Austria for border control, biometrics, and electronic ID documents.

In September, secunet’s PKI was selected to authenticate electronic travel documents in Iceland.

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