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BiometricUpdate.com is the leading news property that publishes breaking news, analysis, and research about the global biometrics market.

Each day, you will find original articles, interviews, videos, and podcasts that focus on global developments in biometrics technology, such as: fingerprint identification, earlobe, voice, DNA, iris, and facial recognition, civil and criminal ID, retina scans, hand geometry, point of sales authentication, signature verification, video surveillance and gait recognition.

Our news coverage places special emphasis on national security, privacy and regulatory issues, along with examining the latest industrial, commercial and residential applications for biometrics technology.

Manufacturers, service providers, governments, law enforcement agencies and large corporate buyers also benefit from our premium research newsletter which provides competitive industry intelligence on market size, multiple industry segments, venture capital and other business opportunities, along with in-depth profiles on the best emerging products and solutions.

BiometricUpdate.com is published by the Biometrics Research Group, a leading market research supplier and consultancy to the global biometric industry.

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