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Biometrics Institute eyes ‘Trust Mark’ certification program

The Biometrics Institute is working on a program that it says will reassure the public of the responsible use of biometrics, and will make privacy compliance more transparent and easier to understand. According to Biometrics Institute CEO Isabelle Moeller, the group is presently building an advisory panel for the proposed “Trust Mark” program and it is currently in consultation with its members and stakeholders, brainstorming the new idea. The Biometrics Institute announced the new proposed Trust Mark system earlier this

Tangerine adds Nuance virtual assistant, biometrics to mobile banking app in Canada

Nuance Communications has teamed up with Canadian bank Tangerine to launch a new banking app that includes voice banking, a virtual assistant experience and an option for Touch ID users to use fingerprint authentication. As of yet, voice biometric authentication is not an option for users of this app, but the company plans to rollout this technology from Nuance “later this year.” Named Nina, Nuance’s voice assistant platform is used widely throughout the mobile space. “We have a long history

Don’t authenticate until you see the whites of their eyes: A conversation with EyeVerify CEO Toby Rush

Toby Rush is a serial entrepreneur having successfully started up two previous technology companies before EyeVerify. Now, on the heels of new funding, his current company is set to take some major leaps in the mobile authentication space, working directly with smartphone OEMs. EyeVerify has been around since 2012 and in its short life has seen major growth. According to Rush, there are a number of factors that have influenced this and his company is in a good position to

DHS and CBP launch Maryland facility for biometric entry/exit testing

The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate, along with Customs and Border Protection have launched a new test center in Maryland to test biometric technologies as part of the Apex Air Entry/Exit Re-Engineering project. According to a report in Newswise, the new facility is a 25,000 square ft. scenario-based testing environment, which will be used to weigh biometric and non-biometric security technologies under simulated airport entry and exit conditions. According to the report, the new center aims to

Launchkey supports facial recognition login in latest update

LaunchKey has just unveiled a new facial recognition login system for use with online services like WordPress. According to a report in News47ell, the updated app uses ten previously captured photos of a user’s face for verification and uses embedded smartphone cameras to capture a live sample. According to the company, biometric data is stored locally, on mobile devices rather than in the cloud on Launchkey servers. The report also notes that Launchkey’s facial recognition login will work with a

My Verified ID gets $3M from Invigor Group

My Verified ID has signed an agreement that will give the Invigor Group a 20 percent equity stake in the company for a $3 million investment. “We are very excited by this strategic partnership with Invigor as it brings many synergies and provides My Verified ID with a strong platform to rollout its services,” Rodolphe Belin, My Verified ID COO said. According to the company, My Verified ID is a universal sign-in technology for business, enterprise and government which uses

MorphoTrust completes transition of TSA HTAP to Universal Enrollment Services Platform

MorphoTrust USA has announced that it has now completed the transition of the TSA’s Hazardous Materials Endorsement Threat Assessment Program to the new Universal Enrollment Services platform. According to the company, TSA’s HTAP conducts a security threat assessment for people looking to obtain, renew or transfer an HME on a commercial drivers’ license. MorphoTrust’s IdentoGO Centers provide enrollment services for HTAP and other security threat assessment programs covered under UES, including TSA Pre and the TWIC program. During enrollment, applicants

3M Cogent to present new latent searching and fingerprint marking AFIS features at IAI Conference

3M Cogent is set to present the newest features of its automated fingerprint and palmprint identification system client application at the International Association for Identification’s Annual Education Conference, set to take place August 10-16, 2014 in Minneapolis. According to the company, new features of the client application include left-right reversal latent print searching capability and GYRO fingerprint marking methodology support. 3M says both of these new features have been designed to improve the efficiency of the latent print examination process.

LaserLock signs $7M contract with Mexican gaming company for biometric authentication service

LaserLock Technologies has announced that it has signed a 10-year, $7 million contract with a Mexican gaming company for its VerifyMe Identity and authentication services. “This is a new milestone in our fight to deliver viable, strong authentication technology to the marketplace and speaks volumes to the underlying technology that makes up VerifyMe,” Neil S. Alpert, CEO of LaserLock said. “The current system, in which passwords are so easily hacked and online and financial security so vulnerable, needs to be

Biometrics2014: A Q&A with Biometrics Institute CEO Isabelle Moeller

Earlier this year the Biometrics Institute announced a partnership with Elsevier to deliver the Biometrics2014 Conference & Exhibition. Taking place in October 2014 in London, this year’s event boasts big names and a broad focus for the industry. The industry group recently announced several new speakers for the conference lineup, including Samsung as a keynote presenter. The Biometrics Institute also recently published the results of its 2014 Industry Survey, which this year found a significant rise in the use of