About Don Waugh

Don Waugh is a serial entrepreneur and technology innovator with several patents in encryption, face recognition and authentication technologies. Don has founded and led several emerging technology businesses including Patient Care Automation Services, Echoworx Corporation, CoolWater/CIMtegration, and DataVation. Currently Don is the co-CEO and founder of Applied Recognition, provider of Ver-ID face authentication technologies.

Utilizing face authentication to meet NIPSOM Change 2 requirements

This is a guest post by Don Waugh, Co-CEO of Applied Recognition. Attention ITPSOs (insider threat program senior official): The deadline for new NIPSOM Requirements is November 30, 2016, as set out by the May 18, 2016 Department of Defense published Change 2 to DoD 5220.22-M, “National Industrial Security Operating Manual (NISPOM).” NISPOM Change 2 requires contractors to “establish and maintain an insider threat program to detect, deter and mitigate insider threats. Specifically, the program must gather, integrate, and report

The risk of centralized storage for biometric data

This is a guest post by Don Waugh, Co-CEO of Applied Recognition. In June 2015, the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) suffered a data breach stealing the records of 21.5 million people. The stolen data included detailed background security-clearance-related information. More alarmingly, it also included 1.1 million fingerprints resulting in the compromise of secret agents, as they could be identified by their fingerprints even if their names had been changed. Astoundingly, the OPM was using simple passwords to